The Most Advanced And
Affordably Priced All Natural
Water Ionizer On Earth

Cosan has grown to be a global leader in developing advanced water purification systems. With 33 years of research and development combined with a vast knowledge of global sales and distribution, our mission to deliver the healthiest most affordable water purification systems throughout the world is becoming a reality. 

Health – Healing And Happiness

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Our Mission

We at Cosan/USA are committed to delivering the healthiest and most affordable water in the world.

Our goal is to educate others as to the importance of clean pure water and the essential role that it plays in our heath. With water quality diminishing globally, it is paramount that we offer individuals effective and affordable means in which to purify and revitalize the water they drink and bathe in.

We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and understanding when it comes to water and its health effect on all aspects of our life. In keeping true to these standards, we are proud in offering a product line that meets all the requirements of the healthiest water in the world.

We will change the way you think and feel about water as you experience the health benefits associated with our products. Pure Hydration just may be the single most important health decision you will ever make in embracing a life of Health, Healing and Happiness.